What Are Gala Film Nodes?

What Is Gala Film?

Gala Film is the newest venture from the team behind the highly successful Gala Games – Gala Film is to Netflix what THETA is to YouTube 

Gala are attempting to to bridge the gap between traditional film entertainment and the blockchain by creating a watch-to-earn platform 

The hope is that consumers and creatives will be able to collaborate more closely on cinematic experiences – all powered by the Gala blockchain 

Users will be able to connect, view and earn whilst consuming content from their favourite creators – and those creators will be able to tailor and distribute their content to exactly the right audience 

Some other features of the film ecosystem are NFT ownership, node operation and earning digital assets

Currently, the film network is in a beta phase and due to be fully launched later in 2022

What Does a Gala Film Node Do?

The exciting news is that you can get involved by being a node operator for the network 

And if you missed out on a founders node (now nearly $100,000!), these film nodes are a much cheaper alternative to get onboard with the Gala ecosystem 

Gala Film nodes support the film network only, and so they will earn the Gala film token for a minimum 6 hour period each day

During the Beta, node operation is only for testing, and so early operators will earn POPCORN NFTs which will provide benefits once the network goes live this year

You can purchase the nodes using either $GALA or $ETH – and the price increases with every sale bundle, so make sure to get your node quickly if you decide it’s for you!

Gala Film Nodes Price

Gala are selling film nodes with an ever increasing price – so it’s important to move quickly if you’ve decided to buy one (or 3!)

As of 07/09/2022, the price of a film node is ~$5100 – please note that the price increases all the time so check directly on the Gala Film page

It’s also important to note that you can purchase using either $GALA or $ETH – not fiat, so make sure to go purchase some coins and connect your wallet

Pros & Cons

Gala have proved themselves to be a very successful and lucrative company – rewarding founders node operators very we’ll 

You are, however getting in very early with Gala Film if you decide to run a node (or three!) at this early stage

The current plan is to have films as paid-for content (unclear whether users will pay in crypto or fiat at the moment), and that means the content has to be good quality 

Gala Games has been very successful at attracting extremely good creators for the Games arm of the network so far, and so if anyone will attract quality film creators it will be them (Snoop is already involved, so at the very least there are some big names associated)

How to run a Gala Film Node

Running any node on the Gala ecosystem is the same, and the Film nodes are no different – I have a guide for the cheapest way to run a founders nodes here: simply follow the same instructions

Just a note to say that you can interact with your node via the Gala dashboard in your Gala Games/Film account now, so some of the functions mentioned in the above guide are now a bit easier

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