What is a Gala Games Node?

What Does a Gala Games Node Do?

Because the Gala Games network is a blockchain based gaming platform, the network needs some sort of decentralised network of computing power to make sure the games operate and the network is secure , stable and cheap to run.

That’s where a Gala Games Node comes in – you as the node operator take on a small part of the work that needs to be done for the games to work for players.

The next node owner does exactly the same, except they perform a different bit of work to you.

Sounds technical, right?

It is! However, all it takes from you is to set up the node (using Gala’s very simple instructions – you can email me if you have any problems too)

After that, there is essentially no work to do except watch the $Gala roll in.

To be clear, in this article we’re talking about Gala Games Founders Nodes (which is what people generally mean when they say ‘Gala Games Node‘).

If you can’t afford the cost of a license right now, don’t worry – there will be a host of other types of node coming to the network as it becomes more established with more games and more players.

Using A VPS (Recommened)

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So you’ll

‘Headless’ Linux Node Setup

The tasks to complete:

For me,

The other

What are the total costs of operating a node?

Ethereuam Gas

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