Gala Games Review

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What Is Gala Games?

This Gala Games Review is designed to help you understand the drive behind the platform, the future of the games industry, and how Gala Games is going to be a major part of that.

Gala Games is a new games platform that utilises the power of blockchain to create a gaming environment that puts players first.

Gala Games is one of the best examples of why blockchain use is revolutionary, and why it will be the foundation of the next version of the internet.

It’s not just a cryptocurrency that people just buy more of – it’s got real world utility that makes the games on the platform more exciting and engaging.

Gala Games core vision is centred around two things:

  • Owning the content of your games, and owning the future games roadmap.
  • Two fundamental elements of blockchain allow Gala to pursue these goals: verifiable ownership and decentralisation.

As of January 2023, the Gala ecosystem has expanded dramatically – new arms of the core business include Gala Music and Gala Film – both of which are seeing collaborations with major artists and producers in their respective industries. It’s very early days, but it’s an impressive start to say the least

Gala Games itself has begun successfully collaborating with major game development studios including Revolving Games and 22cans. Working with Ember Entertainment on The Walking Dead franchise has lead to Gala’s acquisition of Ember, onboarding a huge mobile game player base

Ember’s games represent around 20 million players, all primed to be using Gala’s proprietary blockchain going to full release in 2023

Exciting times ahead – back to the core values….!

True Ownership

If you win an in game item – say a legendary sword – on Gala Games, the games studio can make it so that there are only 3 copies of that legendary sword in the whole (real) world. And once you’ve won it in game, it’s yours forever.

This is where it gets exciting though…

Because there are only 3 in existence, once you’ve enjoyed it, you’re now able to sell it as an NFT and someone else can enjoy it in game too!

Gala Games have taken this one step further and created an ecosystem where it’s possible to use items from one game inside of another.

And that’s just the start, think of a living, breathing economy all based in an in-game world.

Not only is that hugely more engaging (increasing player retention), but it also directly rewards players for playing.

There’s an inherent security boost by using a service that uses blockchain, so you’re safer playing Gala – but that the smallest benefit.

Gala’s decentralised network 

The reason the GALA blockchain is so beneficial to players (and all Gala Games stakeholders) is that it allows us to shape the future of the platform.

We can vote on how the platform and ecosystem run and develop, and have a say in what new features and integrations take place.

All you have to do to get that say? Be a player. 

Even more excitingly, your status as a player or node operator also means you have a say in what future games projects are pursued.

Gamers and stakeholders have already been able to shape the future of Gala Games with the likes of Mirandus – to levels that are already fever pitch even though it’s pre-alpha (likely going to beta 2021).

All because gamers and game developers have been able to cooperate on a level not seen – and not possible – for the traditional games studio.

Win Real Rewards

There are so many ways that Gala Games benefits you directly as the player.

Becasue in game items – micro transactions –  that you purchase are minted as NFTs, that means you can sell them on in the aftermarket ( once you’re done with them.

You might have seen that in game land deeds for Mirandus have sold for many millions of US dollars – that in part because those buyers are hoping it a good long term investment, but also they know they can sell it on later, to the highest bidder.

But that goes for a cool Halloween skin you like, or a unique breed of farm animal you want to raise.

Once you’ve gotten the value you want from it, you can move on and sell it on.

The genius here is that Gala Games games are likely to have a long life span based on previous history in the niche. That will hopefully mean that once in game items are sold out, the ‘second-hand’ market takes precedence.

This all puts the gamer, you, and the developer front and centre.

No more lining the pockets of AAA games publishers, this time it’s all for you.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a referral system in place, where if you invite your friends to play you get GALA rewards (currently 100 GALA) that you can spend in-ecosystem or sell on the open market if you wish.

That’s not to mention the rewards you can earn in game – there are Townstar (the main launch game on Gala Games) players that have earned significant amounts of GALA that really add up in the real world! 

You can even get involved and build the network yourself – it’s called Node Operation, and if you’re interested, check out my Gala Games Node deep dive.

Current Gala Games review

Townstar – Coming Soon!

What are the future plans?

Mirandus – Coming Soon!

Fortified – Coming Soon!

Further into the future – Coming Soon!

Who is behind the platform?

The most exciting aspect for me, is the collective experience of the founders and team behind the scenes.

Having worked on projects from the wildly popular (and ridiculously profitable) Farmville, Words With Friends and some co-founders of the highly successful Zynga games.

The core team are Eric Schiermeyer, Mike McCarthy, and Jason Brink alongside some newer, highly experienced people. There are regular hiring reports posted on the Gala Games Medium channel.

CEO Eric Schiermeyer was a co-founder over at Zynga games – responsible for a large number of extremely popular free-to-play and online games. A number of the games under his leadership garnered over 30M active, concurrent players. That’s insane levels of game engagement. Fortnite only hit 12.3M players at its peak.

Next, Mike McCarthy is the lead Games Designer, also at Zynga he lead the Farmville 2 charge, a game so popular I don’t even need to explain to you what it is.

Finally, the fantastic Jason Brink, an early pioneer in the world of blockchain. So experienced that he has advised whole countries on their internal blockchain and crypto policies. 

As mentioned, there are a huge number of highly experienced staff at Gala, all of which support the coming years of a top quality, exciting games.

I hope this Gala Games Review has been super helpful!

Make sure to get in touch and let me know if you have any questions!

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Enroll On The Node Road Now!

The Node Road is a first-class cryptocurrency course, that is absolutely FREE. Learn how to:

  • Build your own network of nodes to generate perpetual income
  • Profit from high quality airdrops of new tokens
  • Identify the very best crypto projects for long term profit
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